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Complete Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

Welcome to the cutting edge in engineered product and tool development and production molding.


Located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Plastocon has engineered world class molding solutions to satisfy all prototype and custom molding requirements. 

From simple "straight pull" molds to complex multi-cavity, multi-slide, unscrewing molds and two-shot overmolds, the Plastocon engineering and production staff are experts in all modes of injection molding and injection molding services.

Plastocon's quality programs include ISO 9001:2008 certification, as well as parts certified by CMM, digital, and visual systems. More than a plug and play or offshore production house, Plastocon instills American engineering and know how to the cutting edge of custom mold solutions. Plastocon engineering utilizes the most versatile and efficient CAD programs available.  Plastocon never stops working toward a better mold product - a better overall solution - at a better price point.


Plastocon delivers the highest level of American engineering and know how to every custom prototype mold and mold production. All mold productions are engineered to meticulous specifications while Plastocon efficiently offers Kanban for just in time delivery enhancing your bottom line.

Plastocon facilities feature the most modern equipment, technology and the best people in the thermoplastic industry. Experience a higher level of custom engineered molding with a commitment to enhancing your bottom line. Custom injection mold decorating, drilling, enhanced cost saving delivery systems, in-cycle assembly, post mold assembly and the highest level of service and support by the best people in the mold industry are only the beginning of what makes Plastocon the best choice for your plastic injection molded product.

Every single member of the Plastocon team guarantees your complete satisfaction in every regard.

Welcome to Plastocon!